Mouthwash Antiseptic



From an adolescent into my mid-teens, I remember using Listerine mouthwash.

The original liquid germ eliminator and breath freshener that contained alcohol burned inside my mouth so bad it would bring tears to my eyes.

I loved the way it tingled- that fresh, clean, medicine-like hygienic taste and feel that Listerine left behind.

The mouthwash is nowhere near the potency of what once was.

Long gone is the Listerine I used to know.

The last time I goggled down Listerine years ago it tasted like a watered-down waste of money that did nothing for the mouth.

There was absolutely no pep to the product at all.

I do not know what happened but if people contacted the company in reference to the alcohol content in the Listerine which burned like hell causing the product to be reduced in ingredients, then that is unfair.

Some always spoil things for others.

I hate when companies change or alter their items on the preferences of the majority.

What about the minority who were satisfied with certain products just the way they were?

Why not make a mild and extra strength to please those on both ends.

Well, that is how it goes.

A lot of companies cater to the majority on account of making a profit.

I have never purchased Listerine again, and I never will if it is not the same Listerine I used to know and love back in the day.




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