Cleaning Supplies


Bending and stretching can seem like a strenuous workout while one is doing household cleaning.

I cleaned my bathroom today.

Nothing comes in handy the way Ajax/Comet and Brillo pads do!

They both get those tough, resistant stains out completely with steady force.

Clorox all purpose, Fantastic with a “k” at the end, Lysol and 409 cleaning and disinfectant sprays additionally help to do a great job too as I also had a few of them on hand!

My family always had Brillo pads and Comet in the house when I was growing up. My mother was fierce when it came to cleaning with these excellent supplies.

Juicy Pineapple Juice!


I love pineapple juice.

The natural beverage especially tastes so good/delicious when it is icy cold.

If I am not absorbing the nutrient rich juice from the fruit of a fresh pineapple within the walls of my mouth, I am pleasantly drinking it straight.

Not only is the flavor of pineapple juice highly refreshing- but the benefits also carried in the liquid as well as the core and flesh serves as an absolute refresher to the maintenance of optimum health!

So, take a glass or a cup and gulp down to a pineapple delight.


A Heart To Heart ❤


It is so important to take care of the heart and to keep those arteries as clean as possible.

Some people are genetically predisposed to have coronary events and one never knows when a heart attack or stroke may strike.

It does not matter what age we are it all depends on how we treat and care for our bodies by eating the proper foods, doing suitable exercise, getting significant rest, refraining from toxic substances which in the short term or long run cause harm or premature death, and avoiding unnecessary situations that can or will cause stress.

Go to the doctor for regular check-ups, always inquire them to further investigate anything that seems abnormal/out of range where health professionals may overlook or not pick up right away or at all.

Get second opinions on things too if need be.

We cannot afford to let the beats of our lives conk out on us. We must keep that clock ticking for as long as the beat goes on!



Scrunchies (Hair Care)


I have been wearing scrunchies since the 90’s.

They are the best hair-ties as far as I am concerned. They are flexible within their elasticity; they are durable without wearing out too soon- even while they continuously get wet.

Scrunchies do not pull-out strands of hair by getting tangled up as rubber bands and regular elastic barrettes do.

They come in a variety of fabrics/textures and colors.

However, I do not like the shiny/glossy velvet-type scrunchies. The satin ones are okay though I prefer the cottons ones only.

I currently keep my ponytail of natural hair that is growing fast and healthy  in two comfortable scrunchies- one secured at the top of the tail and the other secured near the bottom.

I always keep a supply of these lovely hair adornments on hand at home for later use.


Mind, Body, And Spirit (Water Cleansing)


A bath is not only good for us physically, the act of bathing is also good for us mentally and spiritually.

It is well-known that baths and showers are therapeutic and serve as a wonderful, healing form of therapy and rejuvenation.

There is also a such thing as a cleansing of the aura and magnetic shield through purifying our bodies on the outside with water, body cleansers, and the right types of clean, detoxifying healthy foods.

We are all made up of body, mind, and spirit.

The same way a bath or a shower makes you feel revived and refreshed is the same way our minds and spirits get revived and refreshed.



A lot of people have experienced trauma early in life.

Trauma can affect individuals differently depending on the nature and the circumstances of the events taken place.

I give so much credit to those who have overcame, who are still working through, and who are in between.

No one’s journey is the same but we all have similarity and common threads that we can relate to while offering each other support granted the opportunity.

The Lord uses our battle scars to mark where we have been and to show us how far we have come.

We are as a result made stronger built on the solid foundation of God’s power.

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People Who Are A Health Hazard (Toxic People)


It is not healthy to be around toxic people. Toxic people can be anyone.

Friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, and other members of society are candidates for poisonous interaction or relationship.

Whether they have a routine of playing head-games (gaslighting), manipulation, deceit, narcissism, violence or whatever else may be the case they need to be avoided with no turning back to the situation.

I am one who cannot entertain or tolerate any of the nonsense.

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Gone Too Soon


Back sometime in the nineties, I do not remember exactly what year, maybe around ninety-five or ninety-six.

A neighbor on my block had gotten a puppy. I did not know this neighbor personally just enough to say hello back to her and her adult son when they spoke to me and my mom.

The puppy was so little and adorable.

One particular day the puppy was running around loose on our block, playing and following around the young children that were playing in the street.

It was a nice sunny day. I had passed by, on my way to the store when the puppy spotted me and ran up to me.

She was so energetic, lively, and friendly. I had instant affection for her.

Hours had passed.

Later, by nightfall, a family associate and I departed from hanging out on my stoop. He left to go across the street to his home and I…

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Funk Pots


There are people who have plenty of soap and water but refuse to wash.

When they do wash it is not often.

There are people who would love to have the advantage of things that others take for granted.

We all go through things but it should not be so bad where one starts to neglect their health and personal hygiene.

If anything, a bath can be soothing and a shower therapeutic.

The body feels good to be clean and refreshed.

It is not healthy to lay around in funk and poisoning oneself with unhealthy substances.

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More Than What Others See


I never understood people who criticized or made fun of others because they wore glasses, had speech difficulties, skin hypopigmentation, or other skin conditions, weight gain, and so on.

When I was a child, I never did any of those things. Not because I did not want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but I honestly did not see anything wrong with them.

There are people with ailments, conditions, and issues that cause alarm and caution but not these particular circumstances.

Self-love is very important.

We can sometimes discern what people are like by their outward form.

Some people judge and treat people according to how they look or appear on the outside.

They do not bother to inspect or examine what is in the inside.

If they explored more often illusion would reveal itself true by acknowledging what is put into view.

We are not our face, arms, legs, stomach, feet, buttocks, or hair.


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Nineteen years ago, when the veterinarian suggested to put my beloved dog of seventeen years to sleep due to her legs giving out to arthritis, I did not want to go through with it.

When the “baby of the family” as my mother called her was put to sleep, we were not present. Even though I should have been there with her by her side I could not have stood anywhere next to her while someone ended her life.

I was her caretaker, her protector.

She was a significant part of our family. How could I be there and allow someone to take her life even if it were the thing to do to put animals out of their pain, misery, or medical discontent. It just was not right to me.

Days after I would wonder if she felt any pain during the situation and what she may have gone through. I wondered how she was put to sleep, what…

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I Just Love That Dove!


My mother taught me early on in life to be clean, especially with my body.

I was one who loved to take baths as a kid. As an adult I have a love for the shower.

My family used a variety of different quality brand name soaps throughout the years, but the one that stood out the most to become my favorite was dove bar soap and bodywash.

I love the sensitive and exfoliating bodywash and beauty bars out of all the varieties. Both have a great light-smelling fragrance that is not harsh and that does not irritate the skin.

Dove is sulfate free and healthy for the skin. It keeps my tone nice, soft, and smooth.

I even wash my hair with dove.

I always feel clean without any left behind residues.

Just fresh, clean, and smelling good!




People kill themselves for various reasons. One never knows what is going on within another person’s mind or what they are going through.

I never looked at people who commit suicide as being cowards. If anything, it is the opposite. I am in no way condoning the act but it takes a lot of strength and courage to put an end to one’s life.

Once the act is committed there is no turning back from it and the ones who embark on that journey are diving into the unknown not knowing exactly where they are headed or what to expect.

I do not like it when or agree with people who declare that all people who kill themselves are headed straight to hell.

Only God knows where their souls/spirits will reside or rest. No one has the right to determine the destiny of everyone who commits suicide.

God knows all of us inside out. He…

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Strive For A Healthy New Year


Another new year is here!

Everyone should always endeavor to love and respect themselves along with striving to constantly stay in good health.

Eat healthily, live healthily and think positively!

Have a healthy New Year.